From Scratch NYC

From Scratch NYC started simple as a way for me to make the deep dive into cooking. I wanted to cook food that had technical strength that everyday cooks would be able to make. I am cooking in a regular kitchen with ordinary equipment determined to make restaurant quality food. I was determined to cook fearless food and in return learn how to make everyday cooks fearless as well. Dinners in my apartment followed. My sucesses encouraged me almost as much as my mistakes. I loved doing the one thing I had never done before in my career, cooking my own food for people I wanted to cook for. The rest is a continuing adventure. I hope you join me and this trip.

From Scratch NYC
Chef Tracy


Tracy Grenville

I am from Brooklyn, New York. Like most people from Brooklyn I was born somewhere else and came here when I was eight years old. I am an immigrant raised and educated in Brooklyn and cooked in more Manhattan restaurants that I care to mention. I started my career, like most people with a great deal of passion and no experience, working in a French bistro for free. After some time I realized I needed some formal education. I attended New York City College of Technology (City Tech) and graduated with a degree in Hospitality Management. Like most times in everyone's career when you work hard luck meets opportunity. I was greatly influence by a pastry instructor who was the former pastry chef at La Caravelle. I mention that because I realize how much of an influence he had on me. My level of intensity and perfection started with him. When I speak of perfection I mean the desire to surprise and exceed a patron's expection of what a dish should taste like. After years of working at places like Fiamma and Craft I decided to become even better. I spent four years training as a whole animal butchering. Learning to beome a cutter processing some 2000 pounds of meat every week made me a better chef. It was not only becoming knowledgable about all the cuts of animals but also understanding the responsibilty of cooking for people and not wasting the food I make. I cook to bring people together.